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About US

We are delighted to offer self-care products specializing in CBD therapy and wellness support.

Our small batch holistic approach uses pure,  good-for-you ingredients derived from the natural world.

Sprig began Solstice of 2020 with the first batch of face cream. Aaron, a naturopathic doctor and sprig alchemist, mixed up the magical formula for the perfect face cream.  With the help of Sienna, artist and designer, the simple ethos of the product was brought to life through it’s branding.  Soon sister Leigha joined the Sprig team as our social media voice. Two years and six high quality products later, Sprig has roots!  Inspired by the products we use daily and our passion to cultivate health and wellness on the planet, it brings us great joy to share this Sprig goodness with you!

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Sienna Dawn

Graphic Designer, Artist, Producer & Curator

Sienna is owner/graphic designer at Golden Hour Design Studio in Bellingham, WA specializing in small business startup and branding.  Using a holistic approach to design, she weaves intention and magic into all of her client work. Alongside design, Sienna is a painter who shows and sells her fine art. Originally from Montana, Sienna has called the pacific northwest home for over a decade and has a rich history of festival production and gallery curation in and around Seattle. With ART as a vehicle, her lifelong mission is to create accessibility between the technological and natural lifestyle as to live an empowered, active, well-designed life.


Dr. Aaron Morris

President and Director of Mukilteo Natural Health Clinic. 

Naturopathic Physician, ND from Bastyr University


Dr. Morris leads a successful clinical practice providing innovative and advanced treatment options for a diverse patient community. He holds certifications in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neural prolotherapy and advanced IV therapeutics. His clinical expertise utilizes a holistic and functional healing model with extensive experience in natural medicine application. 


His advanced training includes complimentary cancer care, herbal medicine, ayurvedic medicine and functional medicine. His research interest spans from neurological health and Alzheimer’s prevention, to traumatic brain injury and concussion recovery.  Dr. Morris holds special focus in immunology, cardiovascular health, longevity medicine and endocrinology.  The cornerstone of treatment highlights the microbiome in relationship to overall health of both the immune and nervous system.


Dr. Morris brings warmth and appreciation for his community and inspires people to discover their own place of belonging.   His vision is to co-create passion driven projects that improve the human condition and evolution of positive consciousness. 

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Leigha Smith

Photography and Marketing

Leigha Smith is a North West native who spent the first year of life living on the Sunburst commune in Santa Barbara. Though her time there was brief, her roots were set in a time of taking cues from nature in all realms from health to sustenance. As the eldest daughter in a family of Naturopaths, natural medicine has been a constant through her life. That thread has followed her from her time living in a TeePee to living all around Oregon, California and briefly Italy - her self described “happy place”.

Leigha’s favorite Sprig product is the face cream and has been using it from the beginning or rather, since her brother Aaron (creator of Sprig) made the first batch and shortly thereafter invited Leigha to join Sprig. Leigha brings her social media and marketing experience to the Sprig team and is thrilled to be here!

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SPRIG is created in the Pacific Northwest

on Whidbey Island and in Bellingham in Washington state.

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